Advanced Automation

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Empower your business with our top-notch automation services! We’re your go-to partner for boosting efficiency and sparking innovation. Dive into a world where Automated Separators, Smart Chokes, Edge Computing, and Remote Monitoring become your assets. Explore the wonders of IIoT and enjoy custom-made solutions with fast delivery.

Automated Smart Separator

Test separators are crucial in the oil and gas industry, traditionally used to manually separate oil, gas, and water. Our Automated Test Separator Services modernize this process, enhancing precision, efficiency, and flexibility, which allows you to seamlessly switch between automated and manual controls based on operational needs.

Key Features:

Automated Level Setting: Uses PID control for automatic adjustment of oil and water levels, ensuring optimal separation.
Manual Override: Allows operators to adjust levels directly from the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) when needed.
Enhanced Accuracy: Automation reduces human error, leading to more reliable separation.
Operational Efficiency: Minimizes manual adjustments, allowing operators to focus on other tasks.

SCADA Data acquisition well test coiled tubing oil and gas

Automated Smart Chokes

Alarms Fieldaq data acquisition oil and gas welltest

Say goodbye to manual adjustments. Our Automated Smart Chokes services provide precise control over fluid flow rates, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and reduced operational risks.
Precise Control:
Users can control the choke opening by bean size or in percentage, allowing for adaptable flow management.
Comprehensive Logging: All adjustments are logged in detail, enabling users to plot changes for better insights and improved analysis.
Manual Override: The system retains the flexibility for manual operation, allowing users to override automated controls when necessary.


Optimal Performance:
Achieve the best operational outcomes with precise control and adaptability.
Enhanced Safety: Minimize risks with accurate adjustments and the option for manual intervention when needed.
Insightful Operations: The logging and plotting of changes offer a deeper understanding of operational patterns and adjustments.
Modern & Practical HMI: The system comes with a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) with a modern design and practicality, ensuring user-friendly interactions and ease of operation.

Alarms Fieldaq data acquisition oil and gas welltest

Automated Smart SKIDS

Alarms Fieldaq data acquisition oil and gas welltest

Elevate your operations with our Automated Smart Skid Solutions. Upgrade your skids with automation and benefit from 24/7 monitoring. Track equipment and processes in real-time, anytime, all with an easy retrofit, instant alerts, and a user-friendly interface.

Our smart skid systems can be easily added to your existing setup. They offer:
Scalable design that can grow with your needs
Advanced tools for diagnostics and analytics
Smooth operations with little to no downtime

Edge Computing

At FielDAQ, our Edge Computing services are all about bringing the power of computing closer to the places where data gets created. This means faster processing and real-time analysis of data, making it a game-changer for businesses wanting to make quick and smart decisions.

With Edge Computing, you don’t have to worry about delays. It’s like having a supercomputer right where you need it, allowing your business to run smoother and more efficiently. It’s perfect for companies that want to stay ahead and make the most out of every opportunity.

Alarms Fieldaq data acquisition oil and gas welltest

Remote monitoring anywhere!

Alarms Fieldaq data acquisition oil and gas welltest

The Remote monitoring feature is available with all of our automated solutions, so you can monitor, assess, and manage your operations from anywhere in the world. Get real-time data, immediate alerts, and peace of mind knowing everything is under your watchful eye.

Harness the power of connectivity with our IIoT solutions. Seamlessly collect data, delve deep with predictive analytics, and access advanced diagnostics, all from one unified platform. Stay ahead, stay connected.