Smart Sim Modbus

Simulate Real Data

Smart Simulator Modbus is a flexible software that simulates and mimics the behavior of real sensors eg (pressure, temperature volume) without the need of the real hardware. it can be used for Modbus training, development or re-play the data from the field.

SSM Features

SSM Features

SSM offers four different Modbus communication protocols:
1. Modbus TCP/IP
2. Modbus UDP
3. Modbus Serial RTU
4. Modbus Serial ASCII

Note that a virtual serial port software is required for options 3 and 4 (Modbus serial).

Real Instrument Behavior

Registers (channels) in SSM can be set to various profiles that mimic the behavior of real life (eg Pressure, Temperature, Differential Pressure, Volume, Flow Rate, Velocity and Distance).

Screen shots on the left show examples of pressure and volume profiles.

The user can set the initial value, step, low and high limit to control how the profile behaves.

Automatic Simulation Mode

Auto Mode: In Auto mode the registers are generated automatically by following configured profiles, step, low and high limits.

Play Simulation Mode

Play Mode: In Play mode the values are set from the CSV file imported, in simple terms it plays back the CSV rows. The user can edit the register addresses if desired to replicate a real hardware (eg. Modbus Gateway, DAQ hardware etc..)

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